Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Install Cabinet Hardware for an Inexpensive Upgrade

So, I'm finally back.  things move slowly in real time, especially when there is a lack of money involved!  However, I was finishing up my latest project and I realized that I never posted the promised kitchen cabinet transformation.  I actually did that in April, but got delayed in editing the video and I kind of forgot.  I know, BAD me.  Projects should be coming on a bit more regular basis now - a big garage sale is looming for that all-important funds infusion, and the kids are back in school to give me a little more time again.  Without further ado, here is how I transformed my greasy fingerprinted cabinets to stunners.

BEFORE - check out those nasty kid prints all over!
This video shows how easy it is to add hardware to cabinets where none has been before!

Now for more details on my homemade cabinet pull template.  I used a thick plastic sheet from Clear Scraps to create my template.  If you need to make your own template, the plastic (or cardboard) needs to be wider than you drawer pulls spread by a couple of inches, and it needs to be longer than the height of your drawer.  You need to score a section of the plastic across the width so it can rest on the top edge of your drawer front.  Mark the center (side to side) with a fine tip permanent marker by drawing a vertical line. Determine how far down your drawer front you need your hardware to be, and mark those spots on the template.  Punch out the holes in the plastic with a Crop-a-dile or punch and you are ready to mark your drawer fronts.

A few simple steps, and you have a reasonable facsimile of a store-bought template!
Finally, a word about the screws included to install the hardware.  I mentioned in the video the need to purchase longer screws for my drawers.  Here's why:
The included screws are on the right.  Because my drawers fronts are doubly thick, they are not long enough.  The ones on the left are the replacements I purchased.  They are long enough to go through both parts, plus have enough left over to screw into the drawer pull.

I loved that this is a fairly inexpensive upgrade, and makes it much easier to keep the cabinets clean of grimy finger prints!  I purchased our hardware at Lowe's, and chose a simple knob style that I could get in bulk packs because we have a large number of cabinets in our kitchen.  In case you are interested in the hardware I purchased, here are the links:

That's all for today!  Next time, a kids bathroom remodel on the cheap!